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Being Leafs Nation: A Film in Three Periods (2021)

3 x 55 minutes  |   English |  Executive Producers Robin Jones Dale Morrisey Paul Patskou | Associate Producers Laura Milsom Justin Ferrabee Shaune Lucas | Producer Dale Morrisey | Director Dale Morrisey

An unofficial history of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club - one of professional hockey's most storied teams - and the fans who continue to love their team through its many ups and downs.

Told in three periods or parts, the film looks at the team and the relationship it has with its fans. Period One - The Birth of Leafs Nation explores the early days of hockey in Toronto and the events leading to the creation of the Maple Leafs. It then looks at the team's rise during the Great Depression and its importance to Canada during the troubling times of the Dirty 30s and World War Two.

Period Two - The Glory Years explores the Leafs of the 50s and 60s. It's an era that begins with triumph and tragedy as the joy of a Stanley Cup win is dampened by tragedy when Bill Barilko is killed during a fishing trip in Northern Ontario. The 50s see the rise in Hockey Night in Canada on television and a new generation of fans - baby boomers - embrace the Leafs as traditions are passed down. The 60s bring more Stanley Cup success but the decade ends with a team that is in disarray on and off the ice.

Period Three - The Circus Comes to Town focuses on the Ballard era of the 70s and 80s, the decades that haunt Leafs fans to this day. It also explores the period after Ballard where there is hope, ever fleeting hope for fans that the team might deliver success on the ice. We also say goodbye to an old faithful friend as the Leafs move on from Maple Leaf Gardens at the end of the 90s and start a new modern era for the team and fans.


This film is currently in the final stages of production. Feel free to contact us about licensing opportunities, sponsorship opportunities and more.

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